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Proponents of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline are engaged in a major disinformation campaign in a desperate attempt to win approval for the 1200 mile pipeline though America's heartlands.

And their baseless claims that the project would create 42,000 jobs or more is nothing short of a cruel hoax.

"There's very few jobs operating pipelines," said Ian Goodman, president of the Goodman Group Ltd., an energy and economic consulting firm in Berkeley, Calif. "That's one of the reasons why pipelines are attractive to the oil industry. They're relatively inexpensive to build and operate."

I find it very hard to believe that a 1200 mile pipeline would employ 42,000 people. If you figured 10,000 administration positions (which is a completely ridiculous number), that would leave 32,000 people for 1,200 of pipeline. For the number of pump stations that would be required, that would be well over 1,500 people per station, which are typically unmanned.

TransCanada has experienced major problems with its first Keystone pipeline which has already leaked 14 times in its first year of operation just in the U.S. sections. Clean-up operations and pipeline spills divert public and private funds away from productive economic activity. In 2010, the largest tar sands spill in U.S. history devastated the Kalamazoo River with 170,000 barrels of tar sands oil and a price tag of over $1 Billion, and into it's 3rd YEAR of cleanup. A worst-case spill from Keystone XL would cause widespread groundwater and river contamination in America's agricultural breadbasket.

The Keystone XL pipeline would be the first oil pipeline to run through the Nebraska sandhills, a fragile area with few pipelines of any kind, and would endanger the Ogallala Aquifer, a major water supply for 8 states. This pipeline should not even come close to the Ogallala aquifer. If there is a spill, TransCanada would not even be held responsible.

ALL construction jobs are temporary jobs. Once the pipeline is complete, those jobs end. In fact, the pipeline will not play any substantial role in putting Americans back to work.

The construction of the pipeline would create thousands of temporary jobs but far less than what has been claimed by the pipeline company or the oil industry. TransCanada's original application for the pipeline permit acknowledged the pipeline would create 3,500-4,200 temporary construction jobs. This is far less than the 42,000 jobs that had been claimed the pipeline would create. The State Department itself has acknowledged that "a construction work force would consist of approximately 5,000 to 6,000" temporary jobs.

TransCanada has claimed the creation of tens of thousands of jobs, but in a November 2011 interview acknowledged that the number of permanent jobs would number in the "hundreds." The State Department estimates the number of permanent jobs even lower, stating that the pipeline will only create 20-35 permanent jobs. Monitoring the pipeline would mostly be done by computer.

"There's very few jobs operating pipelines," said Ian Goodman, president of the Goodman Group Ltd., an energy and economic consulting firm in Berkeley, Calif. "That's one of the reasons why pipelines are attractive to the oil industry. They're relatively inexpensive to build and operate."

The report says the project would provide jobs for about 35 permanent employees and 15 temporary contractors.

TransCanada wants a port to sell to the world. The oil is not for the U.S. consumer. Alberta Canada is land locked. Canada does not want this pipeline to go across their own country. Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey's amendment to the Keystone bill would have prohibited oil shipped through the pipeline from being exported. It was killed by a 57 to 42 vote. Minnesota Sen. Al Franken's amendment would have required that the pipeline be built with American steel. It was killed by a 53 to 46 vote. Republicans didn't care enough about U.S. jobs to push for the materials to be made in the USA.
( Republicans are pimping out the country, and making you their bitches )

Half of the primary materials to make Keystone XL steel pipe will not be produced in the United States. The Mumbai India based Welspun Corporation and a Russian company Evraz have both been contracted to manufacture steel pipe for Keystone XL. Sourcing pipe from outside the U.S. is consistent with TransCanada's practice for Keystone Phase 1 which used imported steel pipe from Welspun. Much of this pipeline for Keystone XL has already been manufactured and shipped to the United States where it has been stockpiled. The Perryman group is claiming the creation of new jobs, for a portion of the pipeline in Oklahoma and Kansas that has already been built. In other words, the jobs to build this section of pipeline have already occurred and is done.

TransCanada is using Eminent Domain to take Americans land for their pipeline!!

A Canadian company has been threatening to confiscate private land from South Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico, and is already suing many who have refused to allow the Keystone XL pipeline on their property even though the controversial project has yet to receive federal approval.

Randy Thompson, a cattle buyer in Nebraska, was informed that if he did not grant pipeline access to 80 of the 400 acres left to him by his mother along the Platte River, "Keystone will use eminent domain to acquire the easement." Sue Kelso and her large extended family in Oklahoma were sued in the local district court by TransCanada, the pipeline company, after she and her siblings refused to allow the pipeline to cross their pasture.

"Their land agent told us the very first day she met with us, you either take the money or they're going to condemn the land," Mrs. Kelso said. By its own count, the company currently has 34 eminent domain actions against landowners in Texas and an additional 22 in South Dakota.
Republican's in DC are just fine with this? WTF???

Here's the truth.

The pipeline proponent TransCanada has stated publicly that only a few hundred permanent jobs will result from the pipeline -- a tiny fraction of the clean energy jobs that are being created across the nation. Moreover, according to the State Department, which is reviewing TransCanada's construction application, only a paltry 20 to 35 permanent jobs will result from the pipeline. And the several thousand temporary construction jobs that the State Department said would be created are a far-cry from the tens of thousands of jobs claimed by pipeline proponents.

Rather than creating jobs, KEYSTONE XL IS FIRST AND FOREMOST AN EXPORT PIPELINE. The oil industry is intensely focused on this pipeline because it will enable them to transport tar sands from Canada through the United States to the Gulf Coast where it can be exported overseas. The top beneficiary of oil from Keystone XL, Valero, has a documented export strategy which it will accomplish tax free due to its ability to operate in a "Foreign Trade Zone" in Port Arthur, Texas. In fact, three of Keystone XL's shippers (Motiva, Total and Valero) operate refineries in a "Foreign Trade Zone" exempting them from customs duties on imports and exports. The oil industry needs this deepwater port since the Canadian people have not yet allowed a major tar sands oil pipeline to be built to their west or east coasts--in fact the two pipeline proposals currently under consideration to the Canadian coasts are being held up by public concerns similar to those around Keystone XL in the United States.
( The people of Canada do not want these pipelines built across their country either )

The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline is going to end in Port Arthur, Texas. Not in Louisiana.

Pipe Dreams? Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost by the Construction of Keystone XL
A report by Cornell University Global Labor Institute
Download the report, in Adobe .pdf format.

Consumer Watchdog Report

The Republican's are once again, showing that it is not the country or it's people that they are interested in. It is their owners, The Big Corporations, and in this case the Oil Companies, that they are working for. With so many problems that we are facing here in the United States, KeystoneXL is not the issue to pursue.



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