Yea right. It's not all the socialist FREE programs. Get real.


OK Tommy, lets step into the Republican world view. You don't like the "Freebies" as you call them, do you Tommy? Let's look at this country without those "Freebies" Tommy. You don't like the safety net. You don't like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, ACA do you Tommy? Why should you have to pay? Isn't that what you always say? Isn't that the Republican Party's Mantra? "Why should I have to pay?"

Let's put the so called "Hand Outs" in perspective Tommy. And you seem to forget the Department of Agriculture. Farmers also get those so called "Hand Outs" too, Tommy.

In your world of "Why should I have to pay", you don't really pay. But let's play it your way.

The Republican Party came up with Income Tax, Tommy. They decided that a percentage of every paycheck would belong to them Tommy. So it was never your money anyway. There was a time when there was no Income Tax Tommy. They changed that Tommy. And you know what, Tommy, it's one of the few things that the Republicans ever did, that I totally agree with. Surprised, Tommy?

There was a time when a house hold was 3 generations Tommy. Granddad and Grandmom didn't have Social Security Tommy. Companies didn't have retirement plans Tommy. People had to save what they could and raise a family Tommy. So mom and dad had to support them, in their old age, plus raise a family. Mom and dad had to help them with medical care Tommy. And feed them, and cloth them, Tommy. And when Granddad and Grandmom passed away, and mom and dad got old, their children had to do the same thing, Tommy. And the cycle went on and on, Tommy. Can you imagine three generations living in the same house, Tommy? No, you can't because the government stepped in and changed things for the better, Tommy. They set up a system to give the elderly Medical care, and some money to live on in old age, Tommy. Social Security and Medicare solved a big problem in this country. That problem, Tommy, was poverty and death at early ages. Social Security isn't much, but it is better than you working to support Mom and Dad, isn't it, Tommy? Medicare isn't much, but it's better than you footing the medical bills for mom and dad isn't it, Tommy? So Why should YOU have to pay?

How about when the farmer has a drought and has no crops to take to the market, Tommy? Should they go hungry, Tommy? Should we turn our back on them and let them lose the farm, Tommy? If we did, most farmers would be long gone, Tommy. When we have a storm or a hurricane and the cane lays down, the farmers stick their hand out to the government, Tommy. Why should you pay? Why not make them go out there and pick that cane up and cut it with a knife, Tommy? Wouldn't that be a better way? And when they still lose 3/4 of the crop, and can't make enough money to get through to the next season, why should you have to pay, Tommy? Turning your back on them is easier isn't it, Tommy. Not your problem is it, Tommy?

When our boys come home from war, who is helping them get back to a normal life, Tommy? Their family, that's who. And I don't see many jobs offered for trained killers, do you, Tommy? Haven't seen any ads for 50 caliber machine gunners in the want ads, have you, Tommy? Any mine sweeper jobs, or any infantry jobs? So why should YOU have to pay, Tommy? No Tommy, why should you have to give anything to them to help retrain them, or feed them or help them get shelter, Tommy? Hit the bricks G.I. Joe. We don't need you anymore. You did what we needed you for, Why should YOU have to pay, Tommy?

Immigrants are taking the jobs is just more BS too Tommy. They come here and get a job and go to work. They do the jobs that Americans won't even apply for. Well, some of our unemployed can't do some of those jobs Tommy. A 55 or 60 year old man has his job out sourced to China by people like Romney, and the job offerings are construction worker, or oilfield worker. Heavy manual labor type jobs, Tommy. Jobs that would put many, of their age, in the grave quickly, Tommy. Some of the others are not going to work the fields for 4 or 5 bucks an hour, Tommy. Americans can't live on that, Tommy. They can't raise a family or buy a house or a car on that, Tommy. And when they can't make enough to survive Tommy, they only exist, and contribute nothing to the economy, Tommy. Every penny is spent before they get it, but why should you have to pay, Tommy? There will always be some that will play the system, Tommy. And that is why there are agencies that determine who needs the safety net, Tommy. But in your mind, they are all playing the system, isn't that right, Tommy? No, it's not right. It's a fabrication of the greedy. An excuse to scream, "Why should "I" have to pay. Your world is about YOU, isn't it Tommy?

No Tommy, why should you have to pay anything to make a better way of life for the American people. They are not your problem are they, Tommy? Imagine there is no safety net Tommy. Imagine YOU having to depend on your children to keep you alive until your final breath, Tommy.

We send out millions of dollars in food and medical supplies to other countries, every day, Tommy. We feed and give medical aid to them, Tommy. Why do we do that, Tommy? Maybe because it helps keep them alive? Maybe because it helps keep the spread of disease and pandemic down, Tommy. But why should you have to pay, Tommy?

Even the cave men, were Socialist, Tommy. They hunted in groups, to feed and take care of the group, Tommy. The American Indians lived in tribes, Tommy. They also worked as a group, for the common good of the tribe, Tommy. They took care of the sick and the elderly, and made sure that all of the tribe had food and shelter, Tommy.

So why should YOU have to pay? You're own rhetoric is a classic example of the pure greed that the so called Religious Right lives by, Tommy. What's mine is mine right? Why should I care about another human being, isn't that right Tommy? Why should "I" have to pay? Maybe somewhere in that book you like to thump, it says you should help you brothers and sisters Tommy. You ever read that book, Tommy? I'm atheist, Tommy, and I read that book, Tommy. And I found a lot of reference to human compassion in there Tommy. And I don't mind paying. You want to point your finger at the minorities and claim they are the problem, they are the moochers, isn't that right, Tommy? Lets look at that, Tommy. Romney shot himself in the foot claiming that 47% of this country lives off the government. Remember that Tommy? The minority population of the country is less than 25%, Tommy. That would mean that if every minority person in this country were on the government dole, then 22% would be White people Tommy. And we know that not every minority person is on the government dole, Tommy. So that white percentage goes up, Tommy.

So, why should you have to pay, Tommy? You are not paying, Tommy. The system is set up to make life better for everyone. The design is for humanity, Tommy. And since that money never hits your bank account, you never had it, so you never paid anything, Tommy. And besides that, Tommy, since it's their money ( the government ) they can spend it any way they want to, Tommy. Your party designed it that way, Tommy.

And don't you find it funny that it's the right wing that whines about the entitlements, and it's the right wing that designed the payment plan to fund the entitlements, through a tax called Income tax, Tommy?

So, Why should you have to pay, Tommy?

Better question is why do you whine about it, Tommy? Why don't you whine about the tax cuts for the rich, that they get, so they don't have to pay, as much, Tommy? Why don't you whine about the party wanting to take away, the things that help our people live fuller, longer lives, Tommy? No, funding "freebies" as you like to call them, wasn't their intentional goal, in the beginning, Tommy. But the "Freebies" that you whine about are not, what you claim they are, Tommy. And neither is the Republican Party.

This country would be a very dismal place, if it wasn't for the compassion of the people that are willing to reach out and give, Tommy. And I'm sure you still live a pretty good life, don't you Tommy?

You know something else, Tommy. A guy named Jon Stewart, a celebrity.... Is worth about 80 Million Dollars. He worked for Comedy Central for 16 years, at a salary of 25 Million a year, Tommy. If he kept all of his money, that would be around 400 Million, Tommy. He's a Democratic-Socialist, Tommy. He gave most of it away, Tommy. He didn't have to pay. But he did, Tommy. The difference between the ways of thinking between the left and the right, Tommy. You guys on the right like to claim the left is all about people, that are all about me, me, me. Seems you think it's all about YOU, Tommy.